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Home furnishings or soft furnishings is the happening thing in the textile and fashion business today. More the people long for decorating their surroundings with soothing colours and designs, more the textile manufacturers are increasing the production of interior textiles. Home Furnishings include a wide range of products- Carpets and rugs, Curtains, Table linen, mats and runners, Kitchen linen and other kitchen accessories, Bathroom furnishings, Window Treatments, Hammocks, Bed linen, Bed spreads, Blankets, Pillows and pillow covers, Cushion and cushion covers, Duvets and Duvet covers and many others.


Wardrobes are characterized by having three fundamental types. Each type has its own requirements and provides you with unique uses. Depending on the space available in your bedroom, the look you dream about achieving and storage type you seek, you can choose the type.

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